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"Timora Rosler's playing is like a fresh breeze. It is invigorating and full of vitality...
The most important work in the world for her seems to always be the one that she happens to be playing at the moment. Even insignificant trifles, such as a Boccherini sonata - pleasantly harking back to Pergolesi – or David Popper's Polonaise de Concert thus emerge as glittering gems, dashed off with zest as well as loving care, sweeping away even the inherent schmaltziness of the Popper piece and turning it into a pure delight.
In the much more demanding Beethoven Sonata No.3, there were no unimportant notes but a fine distinction between the more important ones and those that are less so.
There was a refreshing tempestuousness in the fast movements, songful lyrical expression in the melodious episodes, and significant accentuations in the shaping of phrases.
Reger's rarely performed Suite No. 2 displayed a well-rounded, sonorous tone, and refreshing temperament in the fast movements."
The Jerusalem Post

"With her technique, musicality, and power of delivery, Rosler is an outstanding cellist…"
Eindhovens Dagblad

"Her Interpretation is original, profound, and impressive…"
Leipziger Volkzeitung

WORKS FOR CELLO AND PIANO - with pianist Klára Würtz
ARSIS Classics 1-98038-2
"...The collection of recordings of Schubert's Arpeggione has been enriched with the interpretation of Timora Rosler and Klára Würtz. Both young musicians play his delightfully melodious piece with love as well as conviction, sensitive lyricism, and a solid technique...a lovely, balanced, and seamless collaboration of two young performers…"
Luister Magazine

WORKS FOR CELLO AND PIANO - with pianist Klára Würtz
ARSIS Classics 1-98038-2
"Timora Rosler plays the cello beautifully and securely. Her tone is warm and melodious. She can play vividly, but also knows to draw an intimate and very subtle sound from her splendid-sounding instrument..."

"The duo Timora Rosler and Klára Würtz have the capacity to keep the listener fascinated from the first until the last note..."
Concert Radio

"Marvellous virtousity..."
Thuner Tagblatt

Beethoven: Complete Cello Sonatas & Variations
Brilliant Classics 94624
"The two musicians are an execellent match… Würtz and Rosler like an energetic approach which makes for great clarity of both sound and form… This approach reveals, more than usual, Beethoven's wild and stubborn personality… and the music can't but benefit from this particular performance..."
Luister Magazine, January/February 2014

"An impressive and exciting performance with a magnificent kaleidoscope of sounds.."
Braunschweiger Zeitung

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